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Player Registration

The club welcomes all chess players who have a valid email address and who agree to follow the club's Regulations.

Please check the Is it for me? page before registering to see if this type of chess is right for you or not.

Membership and all activity in the club are free and also free from any advertising and business dealings.

Becoming a member is easy. You register by sending an email message to the chess server.

Registration - The Easiest Way

The following form will compose your registration email in the correct format. Enter your desired nickname and your rating (if you know it). When you click on the Send button, your mailer will open a new message with the required information already entered. Then you can simply send the new email without further modifications.

Player Registration
Nickname (required)
Rating (only if you know it)

 Send registration 

If your normal email program doesn't open with the registration command already entered then it means that javascript has been turned off in your web browser preferences. Use the instructions below to complete the registration email - or turn on javascript in your browser's preferences and try the form again!

Registration - The Easy Way

Address an email message to
The subject is not important and can be left blank, but the body of the email must contain a command in the following format...
Register nickname rating
Replace nickname with your chosen nickname.
Replace rating with your known rating and this will be used as your initial rating in the club. Please give only a known, valid rating. This must be an integer value between 800 and 2600. If you omit it, the default 1200 value will be used. An ELO rating of 1200 is an average strength.

Here are two examples:
Register Bob
Register Superman 1722
The chess server answers every email. If the chosen nickname is not being used and it conforms to the rules on the right nav pane, the chess server sends a confirmation code that must be sent back to complete the registration process. From that point you become a registered player and you can use all the services of the club.

Later, if you no longer want to be a member of the club, you can remove yourself by a simple command.