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To show the number of players in the club, their activity, you can find some statistical values here:

Type Value
Number of active players: 94
Number of running games: 82
Number of moves yesterday: 104
All incoming email messages: 4109141
All outgoing email messages: 6397033

A player becomes inactive if he/she is not playing in any game, does not have a pairing request, and sent his/her last message to the server more than 100 days ago. At this point he/she is temporarily removed from the players list, inactive players do not count into the above value.

Running games are those which have both players, have already started, but still didn't finish, so which are currently in progress.

Yesturday's moves are those which were taken from yesturday 00:00 until today 00:00 GMT.

All incoming messages are those, which were sent by the club members to the server from somewhere the beginning of 2002.

Outgoing messages were sent by the server to the players, also from around the beginning of 2002.

If you like to play chess, playing many games simultaneously, if you like to think your moves when you have time, and it doesn't bother you if your games last several weeks, then you are welcome to join the club.

And here you can find some rather interesting than important statistics about pieces' activity in all the games since Jan 17, 2003:

Piece Moves % Captures % Captured %
King: 321375 10 27251 4 - -
Queen: 384145 12 110194 15 50483 7
Rook: 429347 13 103299 15 72506 10
Knight: 607317 19 133918 19 138839 20
Bishop: 514440 16 136407 19 125662 18
Pawn: 932753 30 200265 28 323844 45
Summarized: 3189377 100 711334 100 711334 100

The data on this page are refreshed once each day, last on 2021.09.21, 00:00 CET.


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