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How secure is emailchess?
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Since games are played clearly in email in the club, when we are talking about serious things (such as emailchess), the problem of security sometimes crops up.

Nowadays it's not impossible that somebody writes an email message in the name of somebody else, or catches an email during its path and changes its content. When there is a lot at stake, this danger can not left unspoken.

Digital signatures solve this problem. Using them ensures that an incoming message could only be originated by its sender and its content could not be altered during the transfer.

The most widely used is the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) based public key digital signature system. This is supported in the club by the chess server also.

All the registered players can turn on and off that the server should digitally sign all messages it sends to them. The players get the server's public key (listed bellow) and with it they can verify if the message they received was really created by the server and its content is not altered.

Players can also turn on that the server should accept only digitally signed messages from them. This way they can be sure that nobody can send commands in their name and nobody can alter the message content they composed. If the signature is missing or invalid the server refuses to execute the message and sends back an error report. This also works with players who play from more email addresses.

Using digital signatures requires specific software to be installed on the players' machine that supports PGP based digital signing and verification. Freeware versions also exist out there, for example here:

But of course, no one should worry about privacy here, since sending an email message in somebody else's name or forging one requires high knowledge level. Those people are threatened in it who deal with really serious things.

In my opinion emailchess doesn't really belong to these very serious things. By all means the possibility is given to use digital signatures.

Here is the public key block that belongs to the email address, or it can be downloaded from here:

Version: PGP 7


Wilhelm Steinitz

SteinitzBorn in 1836 in Prague, world champion between 1866 and 1894.
He laid down the base of positional game, therefore he is known as the founder of the modern chess. No doubt, Steinitz has opened a new chapter in the history of the game. Because of his careness, efforts for the economical play, the great attackers of his age (Chigorin, Gunsberg) have lost in order. His approach was not appreciated by the age he lived in. Players didn't take too much care of the pawn, the structure of the game, opposing to Steinitz, who probably took too much care of these.
On the first official world championship, in 1886 in New York and in St. Luis, Steinitz played 10:5 with 5 draws against the Polish Johannes Hermann Zukertort. He defended his title against Isidor Gunsberg, and twice against Mihail Chigorin too. Then lost it in 1894 against Emanuel Lasker in the final.
Finished his life in 1900 in New York in a mental hospital.
No Viruses Here

No Virus By default, club members do not know each other's email addresses, and all email comes from our server, so no virus can spread among our players.
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