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Some interesting, chess related site on the Internet
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Some interesting chess related sites:
  • Chess clinic - IM Attila Schneider's homepage - Attila Schneider died unexpectedly on Jul 7, 2003.
    Downloadable old and new Hungarian tournament games, FIDE and Komir lists. Problems, Hungarian chess tournaments, introduction opportunities, player and team searches, articles and much more.
  • - Chess related link collection.
  • Chess Portal - A great collection of links from the world of chess.
  • Chessville - A wide variety of chess-related needs, downloads, reviews, forum and more.
  • Chess-960 - A collection of FRC games, but only in German.
  • Che55 - A newer site offering free, server based correspondence chess.
  • Correspondence Chess News - Great site from John C. Knudsen.
  • Exeter Chess Home Page - A great place to learn chess.
  • FIDE - The World Chess Federation.
  • FRCEC - The Fischer Random Chess email Club.
  • Google directory - Sites devoted to chess.
  • Hungarian Chess Federation - The Hungarian Chess Federation.
  • ICCF - The International Correspondence Chess Federation.
  • IECC - The traditional International E-mail Chess Club. Offers email based games and tournaments in the traditional way for free.
  • IECG - International Email Chess Group. Another great free email chess club.
  • MyChessViewer - A cool java application that graphically displays games from their PGN record. Used in games on the Events page.
  • - An international, partly free, online chess server with many players and games.
  • - Plenty of chess related forums - in German.

Some players use software to keep track of their games and take their moves (usually in PGN). We all know that use of software for move generation is prohibited here, therefore would never use a software for that reason. A few software helping in organizing our games and for helping in taking our moves:
  • ChessTool - A freeware software for viewing games and sending moves to the server.
  • ECTool - This is a classical software. It had a free version before, but now it's shareware.
  • MailChess - Others say this is better. It's free and has many cool features useful when playing chess via email. Here you can find the also freeware CompoChess software, which is a Fischer Random Chess compatible database program.

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