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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play human players?
Yes, playing chess is possible here only between human players. Use of a computer to generate moves is prohibited.
Will I be able to use this system?
I'm sure you will be. Many players use it without any problems. During the registration you will receive all the information you need to play in the club. There is a good help file that explains all the commands and shows examples, and there are other players who can help you via the Discuss list. There are tips at the bottom of email messages with reminders of important things.
Does my email client support these graphical html messages?
Perhaps. If you use the correct version, edition, patch level of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, then it does. Webmail services and older email clients often can't correctly display html messages. In this case you won't be able to see the game diagrams, so you must not turn on the html message format. You may use plain text or PGN format instead.
How many games I can play at one time?
New players start with 16 simultaneous games as the maximum. This number goes up by 2 with each normally finished game until it reaches an absolute maximum of 100. And it decreases by 3 with each loss by time forfeit.
Can I play from more email addresses (from home, work, etc.)?
Yes. First register from one of them, then add the others. After that all addresses will receive the moves and you can use all of them to send in your own moves.
I don't have anybody to play. How can I find an opponent?
Pairing is for you. You can request pairing at any time and the server will find you a player who is right for you in rating and who also have requested pairing. After a successful pairing you can request another one if you want to play one more game with another opponent.
And of course you can enter for the tournaments.
And the forums are also available to find opponents.
I said hello to the chess server but it didn't understand it.
Yes, the server understands only a few commands such as Move, Challenge, Set, Help, Accept, Reject, etc. It is not a human but a computer.
Can I challenge anybody?
You can challenge any players of the club until you or they reach their limit of games allowed, the limit they have set, or one of you is ignored by the other.
Will I able to control how many challenges I receive?
Yes, you can limit the number of incoming challenges, or you can reject any challenge.
Will other players or else know my email address to send me spam?
No, players are identified by their nickname chosen at the registration. If you don't tell them your email address they won't know it. E4EC does not give out email addresses to anybody.
What about email viruses?
The situation here is different from the regular correspondence chess clubs. Players send and receive emails to and from only one address, the chess server's. It is not susceptible to viruses and will not send infected emails.
Is it true that players can't take invalid moves?
Yes, it is. The chess server verifies each move and takes one only if it's right according to the official chess rules. So, you can't leave your king in check, you can't castle over an attacked space, etc.
Can I take a pawn en passant? Can I castle? Can I promote pawns?
Yes, you can. Even, those special rules are also supported like the 3 setups repetition rule, the 50 moves rule and the insufficient mating material rule.
How can I talk to my opponents if I don't know their email address?
You can send messages to any player of the club with the Message command. You don't need to know their email address. You can also send messages attached to moves, similar to the traditional way, when players wrote messages on the postcards.
Another way is via the forums, where players can talk to each other.
How can I play my distant friend?
You both needed to register then you can challenge your friend. Be ready to receive challenges from other players or limit your ceiling of challenges.
Can I use the PGN format?
Yes, PGN is supported. It's used for sending in your moves and receiving your opponents' moves. It's always a complete plain PGN text, with your current move at the end. The Event field is the game number.
Can I use my chess software during my games?
No, this is not permitted in the club. See more in the External help page.
Who can I talk to about this system?
If you have already registered use the Discuss list or the Forums to reach other players. If you have a question before registering ask Andras Galos at according to the Contact page.
I have miswritten a move but the server accepted it as another move. How can this happen?
Yes, unfortunately this can happen.
But here is the strict mode, this is for reducing this chance. In this case the server accepts moves only in a special overdetermined format. The miswritten move will be invalid, and therefore will not be processed.
The server doesn't reply me at all. What to do?
There can be something wrong in the email transfer somewhere, either here, either there.
First of all let us know the problem. Don't send regular email, it's possible that we can't receive it. Use the Contact page instead. It's possible, that our answer will not reach you, the best thing in this case probably the forum, where we can reply too.
Can blind or visually impaired people play chess here?
Yes, the system has several features that help to ease reading the messages and continue the games.


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